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We keep your pets safe and healthy with exceptional spaying and neutering services that you can trust.

As a full-service veterinary clinic, St. John's Affordable Animal Hospital has onsite capabilities you can trust when moving forward with spaying and neutering your dog or cat. This is an essential service to support the long-term health and well-being of our pets, as well as our communities at large.

An Introduction To Spaying & Neutering:

Spaying and neutering refer to the removal of the reproductive organs in female and male dogs and cats, respectively. A pet that does not have these organs cannot reproduce. So, this standard procedure helps control the pet population and the safety and health of the communities that we call “home.” Typically, these procedures involve:

  • Removing female dogs or cats ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. This procedure is called an “ovariohysterectomy.”
  • Removing male dogs' and cats' testicles. This service is known as “castration.”

In addition to preventing the problems arising from unwanted pets in the dog and cat population and our communities, having our animal companions “fixed” with these procedures provides additional benefits. These benefits include:

  • Eliminating the main sources of female hormones, which are responsible for the “heat” cycle and an array of undesirable behaviors associated with animals going into heat — By addressing the source of the problem, spaying does away with loud vocalizations, urinating outside of the litter box, and other behaviors that occur during these reproductive cycles.
  • Eliminating the primary sources of male reproductive hormones, associated with the urge to mate – Neutering, too, does away with the excessive “humping” of humans and of female animals, as well as other unwanted behaviors like constantly “marking” (asserting one’s territory) with urine.

By curbing the urge to breed, you, as a responsible pet owner, are doing your part to keep the pet population and our cities safe. Pets will no longer have the strong instinct to escape and to rove the neighborhoods looking for potential mates. Likewise, male intact dogs and cats tend to be more aggressive. So, by neutering, you may also be curbing the number of fights and other incidents whereby both animals in the community and other people could be harmed.

Since there is a positive correlation between intact dogs and cats and certain uterine, mammary, testicular, and prostate cancers, infections, and other serious problems stemming from the reproductive organs, spaying and neutering minimize your pet's health risks! You keep your pet happy, healthy, and comfortable for as long as possible.

Due to our vast range of in-house technologies and services, your beloved dog or cat is in terrific hands. We use the latest and most remarkable diagnostic technologies. That way, we have a complete and accurate understanding of pets' needs and the nature of their problems, which informs the safest and most effective treatment options. At every stage in the process, your pet's health and comfort are ensured due to our skills and equipment, for instance, our instrumentation to monitor your pet. These capabilities further support quick, uneventful recovery and healing. In no time, your dog or cat will be as good as new!

Call our office in St. Johns, FL, at (904) 230-9099. Spaying and neutering is an integral part of pets' wellness regimens and is even a “covered' service as part of our in-house, premium wellness plans for puppies and kittens.
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