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Hospice Care And Euthanasia.

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Hospice Care & Euthanasia

The best for your pet.

Hospice Care And Euthanasia.

At St. John's AAH, we understand how hard it is when the time comes to consider pet euthanasia. While this is never an easy decision to make, our teams in St. Johns, FL, led by Dr. Venkat Gutta and Dr. Sri, will assist you through end-of-life pet care and the process of euthanasia. You are also assured of patience and compassionate information about the potential outcomes of extended treatment.

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End of life care for dogs and cats

Our goal at St. John's AAH is to provide humane euthanasia services that cater to you and your pet during this difficult transition. We are well aware that you may need some time to think about options, and we allow you the space you need to make an appropriate decision. We want you to feel cared for as you work through the grief of losing your pet - a beloved family member.

All pet owners have the choice to be in the room while euthanasia is performed. We know that many people want to hold their dog or cat for comfort during this final act of pet care, and we respect your right as a pet owner to be in the room.

We also understand you may want to commemorate your pet in some way. We have crematory and remembrance options for your consideration. This can help to provide closure when it comes time to let your pet go. You have choices for laying the remains of your loved one to rest, as well. You may take the ashes of your beloved pet home to keep or bury in your own yard.