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Dental Care.

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Dental Care

The best for your pet.

Dental Care.

Just like their owners, pets need regular dental care to stay healthy. St. John's Affordable Animal Hospital offers preventive dental services and treatment of oral problems for dogs and cats.

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On-Site Dental Care for Pets in St. Johns, FL, and Surrounding Areas

There is no need for a dental cleaning to stress your pet. With sedation, prophylaxis is performed efficiently and with a greatly reduced risk of physical or emotional trauma. Contemporary instruments, including an ultrasonic scaler, allow us to clean the teeth thoroughly yet gently, removing bacterial plaque and hardened tartar. We are happy to provide a hands-on demonstration of at-home brushing techniques and advice on a dental-friendly diet, water additives, and chew treats. If your pet does experience a dental problem, it can usually be treated right here by the doctor and team who know your pet best. Dr. Gutta and his partner veterinarian, Dr. Sri utilize cutting-edge diagnostic technologies and have extensive experience in oral surgeries for dogs and cats.

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Benefits of Pet Dental Care:

  • Comfort - A dog or cat could suffer a long time from the discomfort of an abscess, loose or broken tooth, or oral cyst or tumor before you realize there is a problem.
  • Longer life – Untreated periodontal disease has a detrimental effect on your pet’s oral health. It is also linked to grave systemic issues such as heart disease and diabetes, which may shorten your pet’s life.
  • Fewer trips to the vet – Without regular dental care, your pet is more likely to develop tooth decay, fistula (an opening from the oral cavity into nasal passages), bone infection, or a jaw fracture.
  • Cost-effective – The cost of treating a dental emergency or a health problem related to oral deterioration can be considerable. It easily outweighs the lifetime expense of regular dental prophy appointments and good home care.
  • Better companion – With good dental care, your pet will have fresher, more pleasant breath. You will also avoid behavior problems associated with oral discomfort.

Our wellness plans for dogs and cats include an annual dental prophylaxis procedure that covers teeth scaling and polishing.