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Pet Spaying And Neutering .

Pet Spaying And Neutering

The best for your pet.

Pet Spaying And Neutering.

When you take a pet, the animal relies on you to make responsible decisions for its wellness. The choice to spay & neuter is an important one. Fortunately, the experienced St. John's AAH  – Dr. Venkat Gutta and Dr. Sri at the St. John's clinic, FL– are here to help.

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Do it for your pet

Neutering and spaying refer to removal of an animal’s reproductive organs – testicles in a male, and ovaries and uterus in a female. The purpose of sterilization is to prevent the birth of unwanted litters, and there are additional health benefits for your pet:

  • Spaying a female greatly reduces risk of uterine infections and breast cancer.
  • The procedure prevents males from getting testicular cancer.
  • The natural urge to reproduce creates anxiety when your pet is isolated. This fretfulness is avoided with spaying and neutering.
  • Males will go to great lengths to mate, escaping their home, yards, and leashes. As they roam, they face many perils – traffic, fights with other males, parasites, and cruelty.

Your pet’s comfort and welfare are our top priorities, as we perform the procedure in a state-of-the-art surgical suite with advanced diagnostics and monitoring instrumentation. Most animals recover quickly and uneventfully.

Do it for you

During an unaltered female cat’s heat (the beginning of a reproductive cycle), she will broadcast her condition with frequent urination – sometimes in unexpected places – and yowling. When a female dog goes into season, she usually drops blood during the estrus cycle. Spaying curbs these actions.

A male neutered dog is less likely to exhibit aggressive behavior or leg humping when excited by female scents in the vicinity. Cat neutering reduces temptation to mark territory with a spray of musky urine. Sterilized pets typically become calmer, more easily trained, and focused on their human family members.

Cat or dog neutering cost is economical compared to the expense of delivering and caring for a litter, or medical care for injuries or disease that could have been avoided.

Do it for the community

Every year millions of unwanted kittens and puppies come into the world. Many end up euthanized or don’t survive. Others become strays which are a problem for the community, spreading parasites and illness, threatening wildlife, and contributing to vehicle accidents. Your responsible behavior helps to reduce overpopulation . . . and sets a terrific example for your children.

Looking for affordable cat or dog neutering “near me?”

St. John's AAH encourages spaying and neutering of puppies and kittens, and the procedure is safe for most adult and older pets, too. Our procedures include anesthesia, for responsible pet care at an affordable cost. Our premium puppy and kitten wellness plan include spay/neuter.