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Urgent Care.

Urgent Care

The best for your pet.

Urgent Care.

Dr. Venkat Gutta and Dr. Sri in St. Johns, FL, are passionate about providing top-quality urgent veterinary care for St. Johns County. Their dedication is one of the reasons St. John's AAH has become the veterinary hospital that pet owners throughout St. Johns turn to in their time of greatest need.

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Choosing an urgent animal hospital

Every moment counts when your furry best friend is ill or injured. Here are some reasons caring owners choose us as their urgent pet care:

  • Our practice does not charge an urgent veterinarian service fee for weekend visits.
  • We are equipped to receive client transfers from overnight urgent veterinary facilities, allowing us to provide continued care and observation of your pet.
  • Our staff is prepared to handle illnesses, injuries, accidents, toxicities, and an extensive range of other urgent care situations with state-of-the-art equipment.
Reputable urgent vet care means peace of mind for you

In an urgent situation, it is essential to have a calm, caring, and skilled team to assist in the decisions and treatment of your pet. You can count on our expert team at St. John's AAH to provide it. Urgent and critical care for your much-loved pet is only a phone call away. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff provides first aid guidance by telephone while the medical team prepares for your visit. If you must leave your pet in our care, you return home knowing that your pet will continue to receive the gentle handling, monitoring, and observation necessary for a speedy recovery.

This page only includes information on urgent and critical care services and does not provide any form of urgent veterinary advice.